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Functions: Factory, Office
Location: Vardavard, Iran
Area: 700m2
Client: Payagene Daroo
Year: 2019
Status: Completed

Payagene Daroo Pharmaceutical Company

Payagene Daroo office was situated in an abandoned factory corner. The renovation aimed to rejuvenate the space and establish a startup environment for the pharmaceutical accelerator, all within a constrained budget. The adaptive design skillfully blends industrial charm with contemporary elements, promoting creativity and innovation within the workspace.

To accentuate the distinction between function and design, the entrance space was elevated, new openings were strategically incorporated, and a serene water pool was introduced adjacent to the building. The harmonious combination of water, trees, and concrete created a tranquil ambiance, welcoming visitors to the office building.

In response to the requirement for expanding the office’s functional area, a mezzanine was constructed, complemented by two cantilevered cubes serving as meeting rooms. Essential spaces like toilets, a pantry, and a server room were positioned beneath the mezzanine. To access the second floor, an internal monumental stair was incorporated, providing a unique and engaging passage experience.

The upward light on the stairs highlighted their forms and shadows, enriching the interior design with added depth. The contrast between exposed concrete and weathered bricks lent a distinct coarseness, setting the design apart while celebrating its historical context.