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Function: Office,Factory
Location: Ghazvin, Iran 
Area: 20000m2
Client: Tabdir kala Jam
Year: 2023
Status: Under construction


Tadbir Kala Jam

Tadbir Kala Jam is an extraordinary pharmaceutical factory, where architectural design meets functionality. This Factory is located in the Caspian industrial complex in Qazvin province, Iran, and is under construction. This facility stands out with its unparalleled facade, showcasing a captivating composition of louvers and cubes. This unique arrangement not only creates a visually stunning exterior but also serves a crucial purpose. The louvers provide optimal control over natural light and ventilation, ensuring a harmonious and energy-efficient working environment within. The distinct cuboid shapes harmoniously integrate form and function, accommodating various production areas and equipment seamlessly. Moreover, the landscape design and integration of roof gardens establish a harmonious relationship between the site, the factory, and its functions. This seamless connection between nature and industry creates a captivating environment that promotes employee well-being and reflects the values of sustainability. In this factory, the perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality is experienced, while designed to enhance productivity and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.